Western North Carolina features some of the most pleasant weather in North Carolina and the Southeast in general. We experience all four seasons in Asheville and Hendersonville, with temperatures rarely exceeded 90-degrees, dipping below freezing an average of 70 times per year. The terrain makes the formation of tornadoes unlikely; however, thunderstorms develop often and can still pack a punch from torrential, hail, and gusty winds.

One of the primary reasons people are moving to Buncombe, Henderson, and Transylvania counties is the weather. It is rarely bitterly cold, snow usually melts before it causes major issues, our elevation prevents tornadoes and hurricanes, and the summers are relatively cool compared to our southern neighbors. However, we're still in the South, and the mercury can still soar to heights that impact your home and family. 

On average, Asheville sees temperatures climb above 90-degrees ten times each year; however, some summers can push highs beyond 90 several times and even up to 100-degrees. When the mercury climbs, home and business owners should be aware of how it may impact their appliances. In this article, we will discuss # affects summer heat can have on your property and appliances and what you should do about it. 

So you have an appliance that is giving you fits. You don’t know what’s wrong with it, you’ve put up with it long enough, so you call a repair service (hopefully APPLIANCE PRO) to come out and fix it.

The guy shows up to your door, he’s nice and sweet, and handsome to boot, but he spends 10 minutes in your home, 5 of which is him waiting for you to hesitantly write your check for $140, and he leaves. The machine works just great, and he was only there 10 minutes! You’re thinking to yourself that you sure wished you could make that kind of money, right?

Do your clothes smell dingy? No, silly! I mean your CLEAN clothes! After you’ve run them through the washer with your favorite scented detergent and they come out of the dryer nice and soft, but….stinky?

You can’t figure out where that smell is coming from, so you lean over and sniff the washer itself and BAM! The smell smacks you right in the face!

So you've finally bitten the bullet and decided it is time to upgrade that refrigerator, or laundry appliance, or old noisy dishwasher and you've spent countless hours contemplating what brand, what color, what bells and whistles you need or want. You have FINALLY come  to a decision and are hesitant but willing to pay the price - and just as  you reluctantly pull the plastic  card from your wallet, the cashier drops a bombshell. "Do you want to purchase the extended warrantly?"  You stop, look at the cashier with uncertainty and confusion, and wittingly say... "Huh?".

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