The vast majority of people in the city of Asheville, NC have always enjoyed the environment that comes with the Blue Ridge Mountains. There is a lot to love about the mountains and the cold climate that comes with the regions as you increase in altitude. In addition to the weather, the Buncombe and Henderson County residents everything that goes with it from the treacherous hikes to the black diamond ski slopes, to the rivers for fly fishing, and even the hundreds of miles of biking trails. 

As much as people love the area and cozy weather that the Blue Ridge Mountains has to offer, there are challenges you may not think about often. One issue is that a particularly harsh winter can do harm to your home appliances. Cold weather damages many things in our homes such as refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, etc… 

Garbage disposals have been around since 1927, though they were not sold commercially until the 40s and 50s. They are convenient for homeowners as a means to dispose of soft food waste; however, like anything mechanical, they do break down and require repair. Some of those repairs are a direct result of myths associated with their use.

Garbage disposals have been around long enough to develop their own histories. In addition to truth, myths have woven their way into our understanding of how they function. We have heard some outlandish myths in our time, and we want to help you avoid them. Here are 5 popular garbage disposal myths.

There is a lot to remember when you and your family are traveling. Between packing for yourself and the kids, itineraries for driving and the airport, and vital identifying documents, it can feel almost impossible to get out the door with your head on straight. However, in additional to remembering to bring everyone, including all of the kids so as to avoid a Home Alone situation, homeowners must take the proper precautions to protect their homes while they are away.

In this post, we are discussing how to protect your home and appliances while you are away.

Your refrigerator is one of your most important home appliances. You and your family depend on its ability to keep food cold. When it does malfunction, you can lose a lot of food and spend a lot of money. A leaking refrigerator can be alarming for families for good reason. You want to know why it is leaking and what you can do about it as quickly as possible.

In this article, we are discussing leaking fridge units, what you need to do, and when to call in the professionals.

We cannot even remember and imagine not using our washing machines. The convenience of being able to throw all of our dirty clothes into a machine that washes them for us now feels like a chore until something happens that causes you to have to revert to the dark ages of handwashing everything. When your washing machine is emitting an unexplained odor, it can make it almost impossible to wash your clothes at home.

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