What your Appliance Tech does NOT want you to know!

So you have an appliance that is giving you fits. You don’t know what’s wrong with it, you’ve put up with it long enough, so you call a repair service (hopefully APPLIANCE PRO) to come out and fix it.

The guy shows up to your door, he’s nice and sweet, and handsome to boot, but he spends 10 minutes in your home, 5 of which is him waiting for you to hesitantly write your check for $140, and he leaves. The machine works just great, and he was only there 10 minutes! You’re thinking to yourself that you sure wished you could make that kind of money, right?


Well, we may not be able to tell you how to make that money, but we just may be able to tell you how to SAVE it.

See, here’s the thing, the technician is not trying to screw you out of your hard earned money, but it costs a lot for him to come out to your home. He has to pay for insurance (WoW! You do NOT want to know the cost of that!), fuel, payroll, education and training, and so on. Every single call he runs costs him money. But maybe, just maybe, he doesn’t have to take yours.

How is that? I’m glad you asked!

Let me tell you some stories, and in doing so, maybe you can learn from some of them and not have to pay a tech for something you could do yourself.

My dishwasher is not working! It won’t come on, there are no lights, no sounds, no water, no NOTHING! It worked fine yesterday, but today it is DOA. What do I do?

You would be surprised how many calls we get just EXACTLY like this. 99% of the time, it is the exact same answer.

Do you have switches in your kitchen that don’t control a light? You’ve flipped it on and off and no light comes on or off with it? Well, chances are there is a switch that cuts the power to the dishwasher! If it gets turned off, most of the time by mistake, the dishwasher will have no power connection, and therefore will appear to be completely dead.

Yes, you would have to pay a technician anywhere from $90-$150 (depending on who you call and how far they have to travel) to come to your home and FLIP A SWITCH! We do this ALL. THE. TIME. Seriously.

My light is off in my refrigerator.

Ok, I must admit that YES we have had this call, and yes we did charge the person to go out and fix it. Although we did cut them a huge break, and we did feel really bad about charging them for it, we simply cannot work for free guys. I wish we could do everyone favors, but if we did we would be out of business in a week.

Here’s what happened. The customer called us out because they were not able to replace the light bulb in the fridge. It had supposedly burned out, and it is a special kind of bulb and they wanted someone who knew what they were doing to fix it. We did.

Turns out….the light bulb was just loose. The technician went, tightened the bulb, and TA DA!  The light comes on!

My refrigerator is cooling, but not like it should. Or: My refrigerator is frosting up. Or: My refrigerator is noisy. Or: My refrigerator stays on all the time, without kicking off.

First of all, if the fridge is not cooling to a point where your frozen foods are thawing and your milk is warm, you should probably just go ahead and call us.

BUT, if it’s a minor annoyance, perhaps it is simply that you need to clean your coils. Depending on what type of fridge you have, there are coils either underneath the front, on the back of the unit, or sometimes even on the top. Usually, if they are in the front on the top or bottom, they are covered by a plastic cover with slits in it, like an air register. Just pop off that plastic cover, and carefully sweep or vacuum the dust build up off the refrigerator coils.  (We sell coil brushes for this specific purpose, fyi).

The build-up on these coils causes the refrigerator to work overtime to keep itself cool, sort of like build-up in the arteries causes the heart to work extra.  The air can’t flow freely, and the refrigerator overheats, in a sense.

Your refrigerator coils should be cleaned on a regular basis, perhaps once every month or two at the very least.  It could save you a $140 service charge! In addition, if left too long and the build-up gets too bad, it could definitely cause more serious problems, such as compressor failure.

My washer works on some cycles, but not others.

This problem usually occurs shortly after the unit is installed. If the washer is working on a cold cycle, but not on hot cycle, or vice versa, or maybe even not beginning to fill with water at all, then you should probably check your water lines and valves. Check to make sure the unit was installed properly in that the cold water line is hooked to the cold water valve, and the hot water line is hooked to the hot water valve. Even if you do not plan to use hot water, the line MUST be hooked up properly to the hot water valve in order for the machine to work.

My dishwasher stopped working, after I installed my garbage disposal.

Believe it or not, we get this A LOT. There is a drain plug in the spout of the side of the disposal. If you don’t remove this, the dishwasher will not work.

There are many others, but for now I’ll leave you with this: we want to come to your home and service your appliances. We want to get to know you as citizens of the same community and offer our knowledge and expertise to you at the best rate possible, to serve our fellow community members with excellence and integrity. However, if there is something that you can do to keep from having to pay for service that you don’t really need, perhaps that money can be used to do good in our community in another way. Local economies are important. Local small businesses, such as ours, are important. There are many other small businesses that need support as well, so perhaps that $140 could do good elsewhere. J