Protecting Your Home While You're Traveling

There is a lot to remember when you and your family are traveling. Between packing for yourself and the kids, itineraries for driving and the airport, and vital identifying documents, it can feel almost impossible to get out the door with your head on straight. However, in additional to remembering to bring everyone, including all of the kids so as to avoid a Home Alone situation, homeowners must take the proper precautions to protect their homes while they are away.

In this post, we are discussing how to protect your home and appliances while you are away.


Prevent Fire While You Are Away

It is impossible to altogether prevent the possibility of fire. There is always electricity coursing through your home’s wiring, and you cannot simply turn your house off when you leave. Here are some steps that will help you minimize the risk:

  1. Fire Alarms: Install a security system with a fire alarm that can automatically alert local authorities to smoke in your home.
  2. Unplug Small Appliances: Unplug your small appliances like toaster ovens, curlers and straighteners, computers, and other items susceptible to surge. Large appliances like refrigerators and washing machines should be OK, as long as they are in good condition. If they are on the fritz, however, have necessary repairs made before you leave.
  3. Surge Risks: If you have anything plugged into an extension cord, or you know there is an item is a surge risk, make sure it is off and unplugged.
  4. Christmas Trees: Turn off the Christmas tree lights. Make sure the tree is not near a heat source. If you will be gone for some time, consider removing it altogether.
  5. No Laundry: Though it may be tempting to start a load of laundry in the dryer before you leave, it is a fire risk you should avoid.

If you have appliances that are malfunctioning, you want to make sure they are properly repaired before you leave. Contact Appliance Pro Unlimited before you hit the road.

Prevent Theft While You Are Away

The easiest time for burglars to attempt to steal things from your home is while you are away. To protect your home and the appliances inside, here are some key tips:

  • Lights: Leave some lights on to give the appearance you are home and allow neighbors and police to identify suspicious activity.
  • Blinds and Curtains: Curtains and blinds closed for days at a time are a bulletin to would-be burglars that you are not home. Consider opening the blinds and curtains like you would normally.
  • Noise: A radio or television will create confusion and deter burglars.
  • Neighbors: Alert your neighbors regarding your travelers so they can keep an eye on your property.
  • Security System: Make sure you arm your security system.
  • Social Media: Make your social media profiles private. Even then, consider waiting to post your vacation photos until after you have returned home.
  • Outside: Install motion sensor lights to deter burglars from attempting to sneak into your home. Bring any valuables indoors.
  • Safe: Make sure your irreplaceable items of value are inside a safe.

The Asheville area is not known for being prone to crime and burglaries, but it is important to take every precaution possible. Whether you are home or away, it is vital to make sure your appliances are in top condition to avoid damage from catastrophic malfunctions. Appliance Pro Unlimited is your choice in western North Carolina for appliance repair and installation. We will perform repairs on most brands except Liebherr and LG. Contact Appliance Pro today for your appliance repair and installation needs.